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8 year Añejo

 Rich full-bodied flavour in aged tequila

Rich full-bodied flavour in aged tequila

3 Amigos Extra Añejo is a superb choice for connoisseurs who enjoy rich full-bodied flavour in aged tequila.

Our Extra Añejo is our Blanco that is aged in oak barrels for eight years, soaking in the intense traits of our charred white oak barrels.

Many Extra Añejos are aged for 4 years or less, however we found that aging for a longer period enhances the flavor greatly. While experiencing 3 Amigos Tequila Extra Añejo, you’re drinking close to ten years of hard work and dedication that has taken generations to perfect.


Aromas: Dried fruit and cocoa, hints of chocolate and butterscotch

Taste: Begins with peppery agave and rich oak flavours followed by chocolate, vanilla praline, caramel and fruit lingering on the palate

Finish: Long, sweet and smooth full bodied taste


40% Alc. Vol.

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